The Arcona House on the Lake B&B opened in 1994. Our guests from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and from B.C.'s "rainy south-west coast" around Vancouver enjoyed their stay here - and "will come back for sure!"

Some comments copied from our guest book:

  • "Paradise lost? Paradise found …; most lovely home …, fantastic view!":
    Dr./Mrs. Marco Terwiel, Maple Ridge, B.C.,
  • "... a most enjoyable place …, you made us feel so at home":
    Mr./ Mrs. B. Francis, Nottingham, UK,
  • "... excellent, cordial service, … thanks for the windsurfing lessons ":
    Mr./Mrs. D. Kloepper, Vancouver, B.C. / Leer, Germany,
  • "Excellent music, food, talks, …'God's country!'… spectacular setting …,
    exceptional hospitality…":
    Mr./Mrs. L. Paskovic, Bratislava, Slovakia,
  • "... to enjoy your hospitality; wonderful place to live …":
    Baron & Baroness M. van Aerssen, The Hague, Netherlands,
    (former Dutch Consul General to British Columbia and wife)
  • "Thank you for such a warm welcome ... in your beautiful home":
    (The Pianist, Ph.D. h.c.) Angela Hewitt, London, UK,
  • "... unforgettable days, … a setting like in paradise…":
    Mr./Mrs./Miss Wallbrecht, Potsdam, Germany,
  • "Beautiful, cozy, wonderful home …":
    Countess U. von Thun-Hohenstein, Vancouver, B.C.,
  • "Cordial, stimulating hospitality …":
    Hugo Birrer, Zurich, Switzerland,
  • "... no question, your B&B is the nicest I have ever been to":
    (The Pianist, Prof.) Janina Fialkowska, New York, USA,
  • "Grazie per l'ospitalita che ho trovato e per l'incredibile percorso filosofico-culturale che ho condotto con il padrone di casa.":
    Alexander MacRae Brown, Florence, Italy,
  • "... scenery, birds, property! Here the world is still intact …":
    Mrs. Regina Kossak, Hamburg / Germany,
  • "... what beautiful accommodation, setting, conversations, hosts!":
    Bob/Marg Rankin, North Vancouver, B.C.,
    (beneficiaries of our annual sponsorship prize for the Vancouver Bach Choir)
  • "... everything was super!, quelle quiétude, quelle gentillesse!":
    M./Mme. Pierre/Jacqueline de Poucques, Waterloo, Belgium,
  • "... wonderful home…breakfast was good and plentiful …":
    Mr./Mrs. van der Hart, Heelsum, Netherlands,
  • "... wish I could stay much longer… your kind of hospitality .. so special":
    (The Pianist) Marc-André Hamelin, Montréal, P.Q.,
  • "... with recharged batteries, we reluctantly leave":
    Mr./Mrs. Johannes Roescher, White Rock, B.C.,
  • "It's a wonderful place …":
    Mrs. Annette Dorrepaal, Vancouver, B.C.,
  • "... four most beautiful weeks, … like a dream":
    Mr./Mrs. K.A. Ribbentrop, Hamburg, Germany',
  • "… for your delightful and civilized hospitality;… a rare privilege to be entertained in a house of such culture and refinement;… enjoyed our conversations … sensational breakfast!”
    Prof. Bruce Pullan (Bach Choir founder/director), Vancouver, B.C.

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