Hardly the most outstanding professional photographs, … but you may get an impression of the guest rooms and our place in general.

Guest Living Room

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Many more photos below (please scroll down)

Windows to the South-East and West:
the guests' living room with TV

Guest Bedrooms

"The Cavalry Room"
"The Butterfly Room"


Time and again, even we still enjoy the unimaginable variety of awesome sunsets.

At the breakfast table one has a 180 degree view from the house onto the lake.
Guests normally have breakfast in an area between the dining and living rooms of the hosts,
a spectacular place to be in the morning.

Winter Photos 

The large "white pasture" around the house on the point is the lake covered with snow and ice (up to 5 ½ feet thick).
Most of our guests come in the summer time, but the winter at the 108 Mile Ranch is a beautiful season, too.

...and a few more: 

At any time of the year or day, the lake is a pretty view.
A rainbow captured from the dining area under the balcony.

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